AC Episkopi Peaches

   Peach cultivation is one of the most important in our country. Peach is a kernel, belongs to the genus PRUNUS PERSICA, belongs to the ROSACEAE family and is originally from China. Peach thrives in dry and warm climates and not in humid areas as it is susceptible to fungal diseases.

   Peaches appeared in farm of Episkopi during the 1950s. Farmers in the area have valuable experience while using modern agrotechnology, producing top quality peaches that stand out for their exceptional taste, unparalleled color and texture.

   Part of the production that is to be marketed mainly on the domestic market is harvested and placed directly on crates on farms. This way the taste, aroma and color of the fruit are preserved unchanged. The balance intended for disposal abroad is selected, sorted and packaged in the modern electronic calibrator available at the Cooperative.