AC Episkopi Kiwi

    The kiwi belongs to the THALES class and is probably of Chinese origin. Its most important species are ACTINIDIA DELICIOSA and ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS. It is a subtropical plant and thrives in areas with a relatively mild climate.

   In the late 1970s, the first kiwifruits were planted on Episkopi farm by a few visionary producers. The kiwi is perfectly compatible with the microclimate of the area and its location is constantly established.

   Today about 2,500 crowns are cultivated with a tendency to further increase the cultivated area. The kiwi produced is an excellent quality consisting of forty years of experience and the adoption of the most up-to-date crop care. 

   The largest volume of production is exported to countries such as USA, Canada, Spain, France, Poland, Ukraine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Philippines etc.

Variety Trading Period
ΓΚΡΙΝ ΛΑΙΤ October – March
ΤΣΕΧΕΛΙΔΗ October – March
ΧΕΥΓΟΥΟΡΝΤ October – March
ΚΛΩΝΟΣ 8 October – March
Description Dimensions (cm) Net weight (Kg)
Carton Box 30 x 40 x 20 10 (Loose)
Carton Box 1 Layer 30 x 50 x 6,5 3
Carton Box 60 x 40 x 14 10 (Punnet)
Plastic Box 30 x 50 x 19 10 (Loose)