AC Episkopi Kiwi

    The kiwi belongs to the THALES class and is probably of Chinese origin. Its most important species are ACTINIDIA DELICIOSA and ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS. It is a subtropical plant and thrives in areas with a relatively mild climate.

   In the late 1970s, the first kiwifruits were planted on Episkopi farm by a few visionary producers. The kiwi is perfectly compatible with the microclimate of the area and its location is constantly established.

   Today about 2,500 crowns are cultivated with a tendency to further increase the cultivated area. The kiwi produced is an excellent quality consisting of forty years of experience and the adoption of the most up-to-date crop care. 

   The largest volume of production is exported to countries such as USA, Canada, Spain, France, Poland, Ukraine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Philippines etc.