The Cooperative’s premises were erected in 1989 on a privately owned plot of 15,000 sq.m. Refrigerators (4 booths), storage space, warehouse and offices total area of 4,000 sq.m. From 1996 to 2015, an additional 15 cooling chambers were constructed while a modern warehouse of 600 sq.m. for packaging materials. In 2010, a 9,000 sq.m. adjacent parcel was purchased.

Today the buildings of the Cooperative cover about 7,000 square meters and are located in a privately owned area of 24,000 square meters.

The Cooperative’s facilities operate a state-of-the-art electronic tonnage capacity of 15 tonnes per hour for kiwi, peaches, plums, apricots and 2 tonnes per hour for cherries. The cooperative’s cooling facilities are 19 booths and can store 3,500,000 kg.