AC Episkopis - Trading, handling and exporting agricultural products

Welcome to the Web Site of AC Episkopis

The cooperation of AC Episkopis is one of the two largest co-operations in Episkopi engaging in distributing, trading and exporting agricultural products - fresh fruit like peaches PDO, cherries, apples, nectarines, pears, plums and kiwis. It is situated in Episkopi while collecting agricultural products from the agricultural producers-members of the Cooperation, who cultivate the most fertile regions in Imathia.

The unique microclimate of this specific region has led to the naming of the cultivated peaches as Products with Protected Designation of Origin. The fully adequate facilities and the equipment of AC  Episkopis (cold storages-refrigerators-sorting departments, storage places, loading areas) are ideal for fresh fruit, whereas the gained Quality Certifications guarantee the quality of the distributing products.